R U Serious?




This is the foundation and starting point. I don’t just tell you, I teach you how and why High
Intensity Training is the most effective training anywhere. You will learn:

* How to reach your genetic potential quickly without wasting years.

* The truth about gaining muscle and loosing fat.

* How to save $100s on supplements.

* What supplement could make the difference for you.

* What the most important element is to your progress.

* Why spending hours in the gym is counterproductive.

* A technique you can use daily to break any mental blocks.

* How training RUSerious, High Intensity Style, will bring balance to your life.

R U Serious – The Foundation is an amazing book outlining the foundation of anaerobic exercise and the one valid theory of High Intensity Training. This book will give you not only a common sense understanding of anaerobic exercise science but also an exercise routine that anyone can use to gain muscle, loose fat and reach their genetic potential in record time while only spending minutes in the gym a week.


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