HIGH Intensity Power Building




This is the next step beyond The Foundation. This is NOT for the beginner but for the
experienced intermediate to advanced athlete.

It is for:

* Bodybuilders whose goal is to increase their power and muscle mass beyond normally natural

* Powerlifters who have hit an impasse in progress

* Powerbuilders who want to accelerate strength and muscle beyond previously attained levels.

* The Strong Man who want to enhance their strength.

High Intensity Power Building is truly the next step up the ladder of intensity. Both in form and understanding and at the same time managing the principals taught in R U Serious -The Foundation. This is not for a beginner but is not too far off either considering R U Serious Bodybuilding is the most effective and productive training available today. This is designed for the intermediate to advanced athlete. What kind of athletes can use High Intensity Power Building? The Bodybuilder, PowerBuilder, Strongman or any other athlete that wants the greatest growth potential while building functional muscle. As with the first book, you will be spending minutes a week in the gym instead of hours. One of my clients using this workout gained over 40 pounds of lean muscle tissue in a little over four months training once every 7 days for minutes.


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