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Wider lats

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My first teen obsession was to build a v-taper, to "separate the men from the boys". 😉 Thanks to chins, my back grew wider over time. But I always strived, over 4+ decades, to get my lats even wider. Having tried every lat move there is, with mixed results, last year I happened upon the ultimate pulldown variation. Taking arms out of the equation (the weak link), it works the lats like nothing else! Closely resembling a Nautilus pullover (something most of us don't have access to, especially home trainees).

To my amazement and delight, I saw and felt wider lats in 3-weeks. My best body-part, becoming even better! I wish I'd have known about, and adopted these decades ago. It's become my #1 lat builder...the only move I do. An added bonus is my arms are fresh, so I can give 100% to them when they are trained.

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Lifter, so nice to hear from you again. I just got back into town from a family emergency.

Absolutely great advice. The back is the meat and potatoes of the body, 2nd to only the legs. Develop both and you have the winning edge.

The Nautilus pullover was one favorite exercise, as was the pullover and press. They work a lot of mass. Big movement big growth.

Thanks so much for posting.