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Training Continues into My Middle 60s

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It dawned on me when finishing up a set of dead lifts with 415 for reps that the weight I used felt differently then when I was in my 20s.

I remember circa 1985 at age 28 years old, I was forced to undergo a double hernia operation. I was a truck mechanic at the time earning a living and it was time. I injured myself lifting a heavy truck tire and went to see a doctor. I remember at the time they wanted me to stay days in the hospital to heal.

The nurse walked in the day after the operation and proclaimed that if I wasn't able to urinate, they would catheterize me. I was horrified. She left I walked into the bathroom, took a well deserved pee and got dressed. When she came back in I was in exit with my gym bag in my hand fully clothed.

She said, "Where are you going?" I said, "I am out of here!" She said you cant your doctor did not discharge you. Well I told her how little it meant to me that he discharged me or not and she then got him on the phone. She told him what was going on and he asked... "He is standing and dressed you say? Yes! He is carrying his check in bag? Yes! Well then let him go home, I discharge him!"

That is the way it went, as I was not always a good one for rules. I was supposed to rest a few weeks but I had a different idea in mind. After a week I decided it was time to dead lift! Yes, you see how crazy this sounds? But I did.

At the time I came back doing reps with 415. I never liked doing over 5 as the back is a sensitive place. I had followed Franco Columbo for some time and it was also his recommendation....

So on Sunday when we trained, we were finishing up with deads. (We alternate them every other week) I finished my reps with 415. They were not easy or hard, just steady.

I just started doing deads again after a 6 month pause...not nearly a top weight but I do believe in small loading when it comes to the deads. (usually 40-50 pound jumps working up to 5 reps then increasing again.)

I will move back up to 500 or 600 and then just leave it there and maintain. My bodyweight is 209 at the moment. I feel great and look me... yes a bit of a power gut as I have always had off season.

I continue to look thick and stay solid at the mere 5'5" stature that I have. I tell my wife I am fun size. 🙂

So all is good in my world but I wonder... how is yours??

Come back the site that has been down and rebuilt... much has been lost and lets make it a place for everyone to come.

Wishing you the very best!

Bill Sahli

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