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My Workout Today

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Hello everyone,

It's funny how things come full circle. I had to take some time off for business and personal. What I found was one of my first split workouts. I almost forgot how quick and effective it was, definitely the home remedy to avoid over-training. I was previously do a very abbreviated full body workout. It became too demanding as the weights on each exercise rose. So this is what I do Today...

I take 3-4 rest days between workouts, training Monday Friday and then the next Wednesday the following week. 3 x in 14 days, all taken to failure with some rest pause.


1.Cable Flies

(Super Set with no rest)

2. Decline Bench Machine

3. Dips


1. Barbell Pulley Rows with Chest Supported

2. Reverse Pull-downs with Mag Handle or Close Grip Pulley Rows with Chest Supported

3. Cable Concentration Curls with exaggerated Stretch


Belt Squats on the Timber or Torture

Donkey Raises

Romanian Deadlifts


I throw in rest pause sometimes on declines, barbell rows, cable curls and squats.

With my training partner the workout lasts about 10-20 minutes, mostly caused by loading and unloading.

We use some cable and machine exercises as it is a lot smoother and controlled.

I still train at home on our outside gym, which has its benefits and a much more raw feeling, especially loading and unloading blocks for weight. Again, after seeing how Paul (Anderson) trained it encouraged me to get even more basic and raw.

So there you go! 30-60 minutes per 2 week period. It is not how long but how you do it.

Have a great rest of your week,