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HIT High Rep Training

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Well, I have taken a bit of a vacation without the rest to accomplish some other goals. Due to my tunnel vision it has not contributed much to our forum but was necessary.

I came back with a high rep routine as performed by me in the past... shooting for about 20 or so controlled reps focusing on the negative and stretch with a full range of motion. As I realized yesterday after the workout and this morning, I've done some real damage as it relates to in road.

Due to my compromised shoulders, I avoided some big stretching on movements training back and chest in fear from doing more damage... not yesterday. I a sore but not in the way of injury, but very deep. 

Yesterday I Trained upper body. The next will be lower body. That should be fun says the guy who loves singles. Lol

As we know the most productive rep is the one that is the last most impossible that turns on the growth machinery. I will let you knowh ow it goes. I may even throw in some rest pause.

Hit it hard, be strong, be your best! Best regards, Bill