About Bill Sahli

Bill Sahli was born in Upstate New York and has 48 years of training experience. As a retired Bodybuilder, Powerbuilder, Strength Athlete and High Intensity Strength Coach, he has successfully coached a mass of athletes. Bill is also a lifecoach dealing with success.

Starting out as a bodybuilder in 1971, he has competed successfully in AAU & NPC bodybuilding contests, working his way up through the bodybuilding ranks.

Growing up in a power lifting gym, Bill became exceptionally strong and has done some personal feats of strength as a natural athlete.

Early in his career he began to employ high intensity training techniques which helped propel him to the highest level an amateur could go.

Competing as a champion in local, state and regional titles both as a middle weight and light heavyweight, his last competition was the 1988 NPC Nationals, a pro qualifier.

Today Bill still trains as he did while competing, and coaches others to help them meet both their bodybuilding, strength and personal goals. He is a High Intensity Trainer, Lifecoach and Author.


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